Bali Wedding: Tying the Knot in Indonesia

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photographer

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If you are planning a destination wedding, there is no better choice than going away to Bali, Indonesia. Imagine getting married on an island with heavenly retreats, a tropical atmosphere, and a reach culture. Sounds like a dream, but a dream that can become reality.
Although Bali is an ideal location for a vacation, it is also a highly popular destination for holding a wedding. It provides breath-taking scenery, luxurious accommodation, and amazing wedding destinations to choose from.

The Fundamentals of Bali Wedding Planning
First of all, consider the weather conditions, as a majority of weddings are held outdoors. For the wedding to be perfect, it is best to plan the celebration between April and October.
However, the season peak is from June to September, so it is preferred to book your resort 10 months ahead, or it could get harder to find accommodation and other essentials on short notice. In addition, the prices go high during holiday season, so consider lowering the costs by arranging the wedding before or after the tourists arrive.

Ask for Help
Planning a Bali destination wedding is not a one person job. As the wedding is held abroad, it is best to consider hiring a helping hand. This consists of a wedding planner and a perfect photo wedding service. Also, it is highly recommendable to go with good quality wedding photo editing services for long lasting fairytale memories.

First Class Venues
When it comes to venues, Bali will not let you down with its selection. To make the perfect choice, think about the size of your wedding, your budget, and the theme. With so many options, consider one of the four possible categories:

bali beach wedding

1. Beach Wedding
You might have imagined saying “Yes” on a private, secluded beach, but most Bali beaches are public. Because of this fact, many brides choose to go with a different venue. However, there are a few, relatively isolated beaches for a couple to get married.
● The Secret Beach – Away from the hotels and tourists lays a beautiful sandy turquoise-blue beach. For $2200, you can elope to the white beach and get a service that includes a commitment certificate, a bouquet, simple decorations, a venue and three hours of photography.
● Benoa Beach Wedding – Located in Nusa Dua, this is an ideal beach to hold a wedding ceremony. Although it is a little bit pricey, $3200 will get you the same service as mention above, but you’ll also get amazing décor of your choice and a restaurant available for potential bad weather circumstances.
Legong Keraton Wedding – If you are looking for a beachfront venue with flexible terms, this is the beach for you. It is located in the center of Canggu and costs $3500.

hotel wedding bali

2. Hotel or Resort Wedding
Almost every resort and hotel in Bali offers a full wedding package. The advantage is that you already have everything in one place for families and friends to attend and stay under the same roof. On the other hand, the hotel decides on your caterer, florist and sometimes a Bali wedding photographer.
Adding to the possible path of troubles, there is no privacy when setting your foot on this type of a wedding ceremony. The guests of the hotel will lurk around on your special day and you may even find some of them into your photos. But there is a way to avoid the stress and prepare a memorable wedding:
● Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort – It has a 400 guest capacity and it features amazing views of the ocean and an ancient Balinese temple.
● Kamandalu Resort –Though it is not allowed for visitors to get married in accordance with an actual Balinese ceremony, some of these traditional beauties will be presented when your wedding day arrives. If you decide on the “Balinese Royal Wedding”, you will capture the spiritual side of Bali and have a unique ceremony.
● Conrad Hotel & Resort – The exclusive hotel and resort hold the most historic and architectural pieces of art – the Infinity Chapel. The chapel is modern and floats two meters above sea level, hence giving an illusion of stretching into infinity.

bali chapel wedding

3. Chapel Wedding
Chapel weddings are similar to hotel/resort weddings, as a majority of chapels are located in resorts and hotels. As mentioned above, they will try to sell you low-quality services for a bigger price. However, chapels have more privacy and more attractiveness.
● Diamond Bali – A glass chapel shaped as a diamond is 15 meters tall and in the middle of a peaceful pond with a capacity for 60 people.
● The Ritual Wedding Chapel –This elegant, white chapel is a blend of western and Bali designs, with a charming view of the ocean. The numerous wedding packages offer unique decorations with and you can even hire a choir during the ceremony.
● Wiwaha Wedding Chapel – As part of the Hilton Bali Resort, the Wiwaha wedding chapel holds its place at the top of an isolated cliff. The design is traditional mixed with modern and the place is ideal for an intimate wedding while overlooking the Indian Ocean.
● Harmony and Eternity chapels (The Mulia Bali) – The Harmony chapel is perfect for small weddings, as the chapel’s capacity is 40 guests whereas the Eternity chapel’s capacity is 250. The chapel is made of glass and floats on the Mulia Lake. The bride will feel like a princess.
● Mirage Wedding Chapel – Illuminating, magical, elegant and affordable, the Mirage chapel has it all. You can get married in an open, green space, right next to the sea.

villa wedding bali

4. Villa Wedding
Villa weddings are always impressive, as the venue selections are first-rate and optional. In addition, celebrations are private but more complex to arrange. Villas are a large property with huge gardens. You have to be there 3 to 5 days minimum. Some of the popular villas for wedding ceremonies are:
● The Edge – An exclusive villa for a wedding of a star. Wedding couples get a 5-bedroom villa with a wine cellar, cinema room, facilities for children and guests and much more.
● Karma Kandara – Located on Bali’s southern coastline, the only way to reach the villa is by a hill tram. It is a hidden place with an exclusive, stunning beach and a private pool. The Karma Kandara villa has the best restaurant, as well as the Karma Spa for relaxation. However, it is very expensive and not recommendable if you are on a tight budget.
● Anantara Uluwatu – An affordable little piece of paradise with a gorgeous sunset ocean view from the cliff. It’s worth every penny as an outstanding service is guaranteed.

These are some of the classic wedding options in Bali. However, there are always innovative ways to get married and celebrate your happiness in lovely Bali. For example, Uluwatu Surf Villas assist in tying the knot in the ultimate surfer style.
Elephant Safari Park & Lodge are available for any and all animal loving people who want a jungle themed wedding. Not to mention that a wedding under water with Bali international diving professionals is also an option.
Whatever you choose, your wedding will be perfect since you selected Bali as your celebratory destination. Take the time to prepare and plan your steps ahead. Hire a planner to arrange the best venue and don’t forget to relax and enjoy the process.

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