Tenniel and Dean Beach Wedding in Bali

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photographer

I am a Bali based wedding photographer. I am proud of being an important part of happy couples who are getting married in Bali. I have been involved in many Bali wedding photo shoot, this time is for Tenniel and Dean from Australia. They have their big day at Anapuri Villa. It is a beach wedding villa in Bali, a luxury villa right on the beach with beautiful blue sea view.

beach wedding bali

So, before the guests come, i decide to arrive earlier (as i always does) to prepare everything including knowing this place well. I directly begin to take photos. The wedding preparation photo should not be missed. I see Dean is wearing his wedding suit helped by his bestman. Me and my team start taking photos , they are very kindhearted to welcome us as the photographer. I spare my time to take Tenniel’s preparation pictures as well. She just looks so beautiful in her white wedding dress.

bali beach wedding photo
bride wedding photos

Afterwards, i walk out and i am amazed by seeing details of the wedding venue. Continuing my wedding photo list, i take photos while it is empty. Then, the guests begin to arrive. It means the wedding ceremony is about to begin.

bali wedding ceremony

Most sacred moments also begin. I see bride walking down the aisle. There, Dean is waiting for her and i can see the love emotion from his face. He takes Tenniel’s hand and they are walking toward the priest. The wedding procession then begins.

The priest says they are officially married after both take an oath. I watch carefully and do not miss every moment by taking all photos through my lens. It is quiet and solemn. I feel all eyes fall on both of them. It is all done by the wedding kiss, finally. Everyone just smiles at them.

bali wedding photography

Then, it is time for wedding photo tour shoot. I invite the guests and Tenniel and Daniel to take pictures together. They enthusiastically come and gather around.

It will be perfect to take advantage of this wedding photo at Anapuri Villa by taking Bali beach wedding photos, enjoying the beautiful beach. I think it fits with the beach wedding in Bali as the theme. So, the newlyweds and bridal party walk to the beach to have another wedding photo shoot.

best wedding photographer bali
bali wedding photos
best wedding photography in bali

The night comes. It is now the time for wedding reception and dinner. I look around and trying my best to take photos at the best moment and angle. I take some when Dean and Tenniel are talking to their guests with smile on their face, what a beautiful candid moment to shoot at.

bali wedding reception

But, the real reception really begins with wedding cake cutting, first dance and fire dance. Of course, bride and groom perform only first dance, not the fire dance. Everyone is in joy when the guests are invited to the dance floor. Not to forget the booze, people say “no great story ever started with a glass of water”.

The fire dance is just so beautiful. I take photo when the dancer is coming to the stage. She plays with the fire and it looks like magic.

wedding first dance photo
bali wedding dinner photo
bali wedding cake cutting

It is getting late. The breeze from the beach blows, but it does not stop the guests to give wedding speech and congratulations for the newlyweds, Tenniel and Dean.

However, even the best party must be over. I realize my job here is about to be done. This beach wedding in Bali with Tenniel and Dean will one of my best experience as a Bali wedding photographer. I hope i’ll have a lot of other chances to help happy couples create the best Bali wedding photo in their most memorable moment on their wedding day in Bali.

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