Tracey and Steve Bali Wedding Uluwatu

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photographer

Thanks God for this awesome weather, so we can do our part very well in Tracey and Steve wedding in Uluwatu Bali as the photographer. We think it is a great decision to choose Bali wedding Uluwatu for its beautiful scenery of the cliff and ocean. So, we prepare everything we need and leave D’studio Bali photography office and head for the wedding along with our Bali wedding video team.

bali wedding pic

We don’t need to wait to start the photo shoot so long. The bride is just getting ready. She and her family greet me first before we can say hello. We find the bride and groom are so welcome and friendly, we think both of them are easy to work with. My job then will be a lot easier.

We start to take photos of Tracey and the bridesmaid. A little beautiful girl, one the bridesmaid, is Tracey and Steve daughter, she is just as beautiful as the bride. While father is walking bride down the aisle, we do not want to miss this moment. This photo must be memorable for her and a touchy moment for every bride.

bali wedding candid
bali wedding photo
bali wedding uluwatu

Then, the wedding ceremony is about to begin. We imagine how Tracey and Steve are sitting in their living room looking at their wedding photos. Their wedding ceremony photos are the ones they will take a look at. So, we make sure we do not miss every moment while Tracey and Steve exchange wedding rings. Until then they take an oath in front of a priest who declares that they are finally get married in Bali. They just look very happy. It will the best moment in their life.

bali wedding photographer
bali wedding photographer

After it is done, we directly come to the newlyweds. We congratulate them and invite them to have the wedding photo shoot around the venue. It is a perfect weather to have photo shoot, and we are really grateful. Steve and Tracey are standing next to the cliff, the sea is clearly seen, making it a perfect background. We think it is a perfect Bali wedding Uluwatu.

bali photography wedding
bali wedding photographer

Then, the photo shoot continues. Friends and relatives are invited to take photo together. And last, all of the guests are invited as well. Smiles and happiness are upon them. The last photo session ends with both newlyweds are going hand in hand with and walking away.

The night comes. It means, we have the last important project with Tracey and Steve wedding. The wedding reception is about to begin and we prepare ourself for the photo shoot. Before the guests come, Steve and Tracey are already there and ready for the grand entrance of the wedding reception. We do not miss taking photo while they are together.

bali wedding reception

The guests to be seated. We take photos for every moment in that wedding reception. It begins with cutting cake and we take the good picture of it. First dance begins with newlyweds coming to the dance floor. It will be a romantic moment in their life especially when they are kissing and really close to each other. Then, the party begins. The dance floor is filled with all the guests. They are dancing with joy. We do not want to do other things but taking this beautiful candid moment.

wedding reception bali
wedding party in bali
bali wedding party

After the wedding reception is over, we believe that we have capture all best pictures from their wedding. From the photo album, we are certain Tracey and Steve will not just forget their Bali wedding Uluwatu, Forever.

wedding photo in bali
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