The Wedding of Mat and Naomi by D’studio Bali Photographer

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Photographer

It is a hot and sunny day in Tuban Kuta Bali, fortunately the sea breeze gives a balance. We have a Bali wedding photoshoot appointment with Mat and Naomi who is getting married in Bali, at Ma Joly Tuban Bali. It is a beachfront restaurant and lounge with beautiful view, no wonder many couple choose to get married in this beautiful place.

bali photography

We come in the afternoon to start getting wedding preparation photo, as usual we come earlier than appointment time. First time we meet Mat and Naomi, our impression is they both really nice couple and fun to work with. Their kids also same nice as they are.

Naomi is getting ready with the help of her daughters who are also the bridesmaids, a lot of laugh in the preparation room, so we manage to take candid photos during the preparation time. Then we take some photos of the wedding rings, shoes, wedding dress and we won’t miss the photos of the wedding venue before everyone is coming.

We have 25 minutes before wedding ceremony started, i ask if she wants to take pictures with her daughters in the garden although the temperature is little bit hot outside, ans she said yes. We take some casual and natural photos in the garden until the wedding ceremony is about to started.

bali wedding photographer
bali wedding photos

Mat and his son (who is also the bestman) are standing ready beside the priest, waiting for his bride walking down the aisle with her father. Bridesmaids walk first followed by bride and her father, everyone standing and watching the bridal party walking down the aisle happily.

bali photographer
bali wedding pictures

The wedding ceremony started, priest welcoming everyone and giving blessing to bride and groom. Mat and Naomi exchanging vows and wedding rings, signing wedding certificate and finally the wedding KISS.

Shortly after the wedding ceremony, everyone gathering for a whole group photos by the beach. Continued with bridal party photo session on the beach, guests are invited to the bar to enjoy drinks and cocktails.

bali wedding photo

Mat and Naomi and their kids are easy to work with, they are very fun and cooperative. We take a lot of family photos of them, they are all look having fun and natural in the photos. That is the style that D’studio Bali Photographer team like very much, natural and candid photos 🙂

photography bali

Family photoshoot is done, then we continue with the must have wedding photo shoot in every wedding, the Couple Photography of bride and groom, just the two of them. Started by walking by the beach during the sunset time, it is a very romantic moment they have. Sunset is waiting for us to be in the picture, so let’s get the Bali sunset wedding photos.

bali wedding photo
bali beach wedding
bali wedding photoshoot

After getting successful sunset wedding photos, we move to the garden to take few shots there.

Wedding reception start soon after the sky is getting dark. Our newly weds make their grand entrance, everyone give standing applause. Wedding dinner starts with speeches, then continued with first dance shortly after main course served.

bali wedding dinner
first dance

The wedding reception ended with wedding cake cutting and fireworks.

bali wedding reception

What a simple and nice wedding, Bali photographer team is glad to be a part of the wedding. We love weddings, we love seeing people happy, we love taking candid photos, let us be a part of your wedding in Bali. See you in another wedding story of D’studio Bali Wedding Photography works.

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  1. Liana Chandri
    Liana Chandri says:

    Just by looking at the photos, I am so amazed at the beauty of Bali. You are right, the couple has made a great decision of choosing the place for their wedding. Bali offers a beautiful view, romantic scenery, and a memories that will always be treasured. The photos are gorgeous as well.


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