Bali Wedding Photography of Renae and Mark Wedding

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Renae and Mark is a couple from Australia, Renae contact me almost a year before their wedding day and interested in hiring me as a photographer on their wedding. When she come to Bali months before her wedding, she come with her sister visits me at D’studio Bali Photography office because she feels more comfortable to fisrt meet the photographer in person instead of only contact by email or phone.

We talk about my Bali wedding photography packages, favourite photography style and it turns out that Renae and Mark is also a photographer back in Australia. I’m glad that other photographer like my wedding photo portfolio and decide to hire me as their wedding photographer in Bali.

bali wedding photography

The wedding day has come and take place in Bali Garden Beach Resort in Kuta Beach. It is a really sunny day. I come to the hotel with one other photographer and went straight to the beach wedding venue because it is my first time to shoot a wedding in this hotel, so i want to know more about the area to get some wedding photo ideas. I can see the wedding organizer team setup the wedding decoration, tiffany chairs, and other small details. After unpacking camera, i go to the preparation room where Renae and bridesmaid is getting ready, while my friend go to another room where Mark is getting ready.

bali wedding photos

During wedding preparation, as usual i also take photo of all wedding details like: wedding rings, wedding dresses, wedding bouquet, and other small details.

bali wedding photos

It comes the time for wedding ceremony, all guests already on their seat. Mark already standing beside the priest waiting for his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. Renae still waiting for the bride walking down the aisle song, and her daughter will walk her down the aisle. I can see the mix of nervous and happy face of the bride, because she will enters a new chapter in her life.

bali beach wedding
bali beach wedding

When Renae and her daughter walking down the aisle, i can see all the guests standing and looks really excited welcoming the bride into wedding ceremony area. I can see happy expressions of the groom when he see her bride coming. Mark, here comes your bride.

bali wedding photo

Wedding ceremony runs smoothly, with sea breeze blowing gently. The Priest start with giving wedding blessing to bride and groom. While we the wedding photographer do our job silently and taking tons of candid wedding photos of the wedding ceremony and also not to forget the guests. Vow exchange ceremony is the most important part in wedding ceremony where bride and groom give promises to each other. Continued with ring exchange, then Bali legal wedding ceremony to make the wedding legal (a registration by civil registry).

bali wedding photos

Now the time to announce our new Mr and Mrs, of course not to forget is the wedding kiss and wedding flower shower that close the wedding ceremony successfully.

get married in bali
bali wedding

Shortly after having a drink, we do some wedding family photos. Then we head to the garden and beach to have some after wedding photos. We all have fun and got natural and romantic wedding photos. The photo session finish with sunset wedding pictures and we take a short break until wedding reception about to start.

wedding family pictures