Full day bali honeymoon photography of Maria and Sebastian

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Honeymoon Photographer

Time goes by so fast. While i am sitting in my garden and having a cup of coffee, i remember this honeymoon photoshoot in Bali i did last time for just married couple, Maria and Sebastian from Germany.

Bali still hold its position among the favorite honeymoon destinations in the world, and Bali famous for its friendly people, unique culture and beautiful scenery. Hopefully our generations and future generations can keep it like that, because i also see a lot of negative changes in Bali over this years.

bali honeymoon photography

Back to Maria and Sebastian honeymoon photo session. The day start with visiting just married couple at a Hotel in Sanur Beach area where we will do makeup and hairdo for Maria (the newly bride). During makeup and hairdo session, we are getting to know each other and having small talk. They are excited and want to know more about Bali, places to visit in Bali, things to do in Bali, so i give them some travel guide and tips. They are friendly couple and nice to have chat with.

After the makeup artist job is done, they get dressed and prepare for the first location of their honeymoon photos. They decide to use their wedding dresses to do this photo shoot and they choose their hotel as one of photo shoot location because the hotel have some good spot for Bali honeymoon photography session. We start at the hotel garden to get some nice green background. Then continued with some beach photos at Sanur beach in front of the hotel.

bali honeymoon photos

Walking around the hotel and taking photos give a new experience to our couple, because they need to get used to the weather in Bali, which is quite warm on that time. We decide to get some drinks before continue to the second photo location.

bali honeymoon photoshoot

Bali Museum

Second location of the photo shoot is Bali Museum at Denpasar area. I never get bored to take photo in this location, it has a classic vintage ambiance and represent Bali well. This location has a lot of well crafted Bali architectural things. The museum was built in year 1931. It is located on the east side of the central square of Denpasar, Taman Puputan. We spend around one hour in this place. After get enough shots of Bali honeymoon pictures at this museum, we drive to the third location of the day.

bali honeymoon pics
bali honeymoon photographer

Blue Point Chapel – Uluwatu

They choose this wedding chapel because they see my previous work in this chapel and they love it. This wedding chapel is famous in Bali and have been used for many wedding ceremony, pre wedding photos and honeymoon photo shoot. The sea view is spectacular because they also have infinity pool just beside the wedding chapel. The garden is also beautiful.

Because this is a private places, you need to pay permission fee to be able to have photo session here. It cost quite high, but in my opinion it is wothed if you want it badly. We also spend one hour here before we drive to the last photo location of the day.

bali honeymoon photography

Tegal Wangi Beach

This sunset beach is the most favourite beach choosen by Bali honeymoon photographer to do honeymoon photography for just married couple. This Bali sunset beach is all in one package because it is really close to Jimbaran beach, has beautiful cliff, sunset view, white sand, and waves. That makes this beach become a favourite beach in Bali for honeymoon photo shoot.

We have a successful Bali honeymoon photography session that day because the weather is friendly, couple are nice, also the traffic is not so bad. It’s a good team work between the photographer team, honeymoon couple, makeup artist, driver.

bali honeymoon pictures
bali honeymoon photographer

Do you want to have your own Bali honeymoon photography? Please drop us message, have a nice day 🙂

bali honeymoon pictures
bali honeymoon photographer
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