Do These Four Tips for an Unforgettable Bali Villa Wedding

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Villa Wedding Photography

Bali villa wedding shall be unforgettable and perfect. For an easy reason, Bali is beautiful island with countless amazing villas where you can get married there. You have a lot of villas to choose. Just browse through internet and you can get an idea of villa to throw your wedding ceremony. However, it does not stop on this. You have some other things to prepare.

bali villa wedding

Wedding Budget

Wedding cost can be expensive especially you have it in foreign country. However, getting married in Bali is not that expensive like you think. Villas in Bali have competitive prices and you just need to prepare your wedding budget.

Your budget has to include villa rental cost, catering, transportation and legal documents. You have a choice for not to do these all on your own. Wedding organizers in Bali will help you to prepare all details of your villa wedding. However, ensure that you know what wedding organizer cannot do, feel free to discuss with the wedding planner.

bali wedding villas

Wedding Legal Documents

It is often that an organizer has included legal document into their package. Of course, your Bali villa wedding ceremony has to be legal if you choose to do the legal wedding in Bali. Thus, while coming back to your country, your wedding is already legal under the law.

A wedding organizer typically has included this into their package. You do not have to do the details on your own. Some simple documents of you and your couple are needed. Besides, you can arrange your wedding based on your religion.

bali villa wedding photography

Get Your Wedding Villa

Villas in Bali are plenty and your choice has to be suited with your wedding theme. Some villas are located just close to beach. The scenery is just beautiful and can be perfect for your Bali villa wedding in beach theme. However, some other villas are located in quiet place. If you want to have a garden party or outdoor wedding ceremony, it can be a good choice.

bali villa wedding photographer

Bali Villa Wedding Photography

How can you have a memorable wedding ceremony if you cannot memorize it well? The last preparation, but is essential as well, is to get a wedding photographer. Photographers in Bali are already experienced in wedding photography. In terms of cost, local photographers in Bali are a lot more competitive, allocate your budget to get a good one.

These photographers typically work for a Bali photography vendors, and some have their own company. You will need to get to their official websites and check their previous works to ensure that their jobs are quite excellent and the most important is suits your taste.

bali villa wedding photography

Since it is called villa wedding, you need to carefully choose the best villa based on your wedding theme. The rests are also essential for an unforgettable Bali villa wedding.

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