Three Tips to Throw a Bali Beach Wedding

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Bali beach wedding is one of the popular wedding venues in Bali. Just like the name, the wedding is held in a beach, a public place, and Bali has got countless beautiful beaches where you can throw your wedding ceremony or wedding reception. Organizing beach wedding is just like other wedding venue. Preparation is highly required to get a successful wedding ceremony. Since you already decide to get married in Bali, the preparations have to be suited with Bali. What are they?

bali beach wedding photos

Wedding Date

Bali has two seasons. As the wedding will be held in outdoor (public area), you need a season when your wedding runs successfully during sunny day. Rain become the main obstacles for couples. So, it is important to choose your wedding date in Bali. Throughout the year, the best time to get married in beach in Bali is between April and October. But sometimes if the rain is not to hard, the wedding ceremony can still be continued, just like what we did on the Bali beach elopement at Balangan Beach last time, it’s fun actually 🙂

The peak season falls in July – August, when summer holiday falls in this period also. However, since Bali is located in tropical country, weather sometimes becomes unpredictable.

bali beach wedding

Wedding Service Packages

Preparations of Bali wedding are different from your own country and if you are new in Bali, it can be difficult to throw a Bali beach wedding.

An easy and simple solution already exists. Instead of organizing on your own, you simply pick one of the available wedding service packages provided by beach wedding organizers. Each package typically includes concept of marriage, catering, party and legality. Each package is priced in different rate, allowing you to choose the one according to your budget ability.

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Wedding Photography and Videography

Photography and videography is another important preparation to get you a memorable Bali beach wedding. You need someone to mesmerize your wedding ceremony; that is a wedding photographer and wedding videographer.

In this case, you have several choices. You can hire a photographer and videographer from your own country, but it can be highly costly. Just browse internet and find site like to get you honest review about bali wedding photographer and bali videographer, be smart in choosing one. It is better to choose a good local photographer and videographer in Bali that offers you good services for your wedding photography and wedding videography, because they know more about Bali condition and situation.

bali beach wedding

What you need in a wedding is a professional photographer and videographer, and local photographer and videographer in Bali is equally professional. They have been working and giving photo and video services for a lot of brides from all over the world. Their wedding photos and wedding videos are also excellent. To know this, you just need to check their portfolio on their websites.

bali beach wedding venues
bali beach wedding

Now, you have enough information to throw a wedding in Bali. Stick to those preparations, and you can have a memorable Bali beach wedding.

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