Three Secrets to Get the Best Bali Engagement Pictures

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Engagement Photographer

Bali engagement pictures will look good, perfect and remind you of the most unforgettable and romantic event in your life only if you meet several requirements. These requirements are the ones that affect your pictures of photo to be like what you want. Well, you can choose the best makeup, but it will fail if you ignore these following elements.

bali engagement photos

Get Engagement Photographer

The fact that Bali becomes a destination of all tourists from around the world, Bali often becomes the place for engagement photo taking. Realizing this new market, photographers in Bali begin to appear, until now; it is easy to get a photographer there.

However, you cannot just choose a photographer without consideration. Primarily, for the best result, you will need a professional photographer, someone that is already experienced in photo taking for engagement. If you are in your own country, it is easy to find this by meeting one of them in person, but now you are far from Bali. The desire to have Bali engagement pictures is now easier since professional photographers in Bali already have official website.

So, choose your photographer by considering their previous works. The website tells you everything you need, the most important is the photography style. Even, you are provided with several engagement photography packages with different prices. Get the one that suits to your budget and need. Everything has been simplified.

bali engagement pictures

Choose the Location

Bali is a paradise due to its countless beautiful locations even for engagement photo taking. From the website, you will know which places that they often use for photo taking. If you are lack of information about beautiful places in Bali for your engagement photo taking, just browse on internet and you will get short information about where to go.

Otherwise, you can trust your photographer that will give you the best Bali engagement pictures. Take a look at their websites and find locations they ever chose for photo taking. From this, you will get an idea of the best locations for your engagement photo taking.

bali engagement photography

Choose Your Outfit

A lot of professional photographers will recommend you putting on comfortable outfits during the photo taking instead of expensive outfits. Only then, you will feel comfortable from the beginning until the end of the session. Some may find it confusing but the key is to get an outfit that just suits to you, making you look natural like on your everyday look.

bali engagement pictures

The best time for photo session in Bali depends on the location, but in terms of the best weather, it will be during dry season (April – October). Once you decide the time, you can have your session of Bali engagement pictures.

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