Three Elements for Successful Bali Wedding Proposal

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Proposal Photographer

Bali wedding proposal has to be romantic. Either you have a romantic proposal or not, it depends on several things. Knowing them is the best way to make sure that you can propose your lover in such a way that she shall not forget throughout her life. Men have their own ways to propose their lovers and in Bali, we also have our unique ways to get a romantic wedding proposal. Let’s learn what to do to get it.

bali wedding proposal
bali marriage proposal

Choose Location

Bali is like a paradise. It hides limitless beautiful locations to enjoy time or even for proposal. One of the best locations is beach and Bali has Jimbaran Beach, Canggu Beach and Sanur Beach as three locations to propose your lover. A romantic dinner will be just the appetizer.

A lonesome beach either in Canggu, Sanur or Jimbaran will be a perfect place. You and your lover can have a relaxing walking along the beach with distributed candles in every angle on the beach. It just creates a beautiful effect, just like a magic. Bali wedding proposal can also be done in other places. Just throw a romantic dinner and hopefully she will say “yes” for your proposal 🙂

proposing in bali
bali proposal locations

Get a Photographer

Proposal is one of the important events in your and your lover life. When she says “yes”, you cannot be happier in your life, and you need something to make it last for good; something to remember one of the best things in your life.

A bali photographer will be a perfect addition after you decide the location for proposal. Your benefit is photographers in Bali are quite experienced in taking photos of Bali wedding proposal. Besides, they are professional photographers and they are originally from Bali.

In addition to wedding proposal, professional photographers in Bali are getting used to taking pictures of wedding reception, ceremony, lifestyle or candid photography.

bali wedding proposal

What to Do Now?

Wedding proposal will be successful only if you get a vendor that will arrange your dinner. You cannot manage it like lamps installation, dinner preparation and anything else on your own. You need someone that will help you to get a romantic dinner. So, you need a vendor that serves candlelight dinner for your proposal and Bali has some people working specifically for arrangement of wedding proposal.

Prices in Bali are varied, but all of them are offered in very competitive price. It’s good news. While everything is ready including the location and professional photographer are already obtained, you can have your Bali wedding proposal.

bali marriage proposal
bali wedding proposal
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