Simple Ideas of Wedding Anniversary Gifts

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photographer

Wedding anniversary gifts should be more than gifts. It is normal for women and men have different ideas about these. Gifts will be a celebration for married couples and have to be meaningful so it is important to choose them carefully. Despite the different ideas, all gifts should never fail to express love and passion towards couple.

What kinds of gifts that you will give on your next anniversary? These ideas can be used as options depending on the length of marriage, familiarity and sort of relationship you currently have.

wedding anniversary gifts

Newly Weds Anniversary Gifts

If your marriage is just around one, two or three years, it can be said that you are newlyweds. Your anniversary gifts had better express your deep love and romanticism. It can be anything, but one of the easiest ideas for men is given your partner gifts like jewelry, flowers or a romantic dinner in a restaurant.

These kind of wedding anniversary gifts reassure and reaffirm your partner about your dedication and love, where you are going to spend the rest of your time with him or her.

wedding anniversary rings
wedding anniversary gifts

Golden Anniversary Gifts

When your marriage is already many years, then you need golden anniversary gifts. Despite the length of the marriage, gifts are highly essential to express your admiration towards your couple, enabling your relationship last longer for good.

There is no specific idea for golden anniversary gifts. Primarily, gifts should be something that is significant or can be a token both couple think it important and symbolize love. Even if the marriage is already 40 years or even 50 years, gifts will remind the couples about love and togetherness.

Modern Anniversary Gifts

It is not rare that couples find it difficult to get wedding anniversary gifts. Ideas are needed even if choosing gifts just need to consider the length of marriage. To make it modern and up to date, you need something more personal. If you cannot afford jewelry with your current budget allowance, you simply get something personal like photo album, framed photos or personalized photo albums.

Make the album as surprised. First, you need photos where you and your family spend great time together. It can be anywhere, but Bali is a perfect place to go where you can take photos with candid photos or lifestyle photography. This sort of photography allows you to have natural and inartificial photos.

wedding anniversary album ideas

Perhaps, you can make it as surprised. Plan the time far before the anniversary and make the albums as your wedding anniversary gifts.

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