Three Wedding Shoes Ideas

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Wedding shoes need to be carefully selected to make you feel like a star on your wedding day. Shoe is just one of the wedding checklist that you need to prepare very well. With a lot of models and colors available in the marketplace, you only have to select one of those that match to your style and need. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your shoes and make you feel your best.

If you do not yet decide, these following ideas may be helpful to get you comfortable shoes for your wedding.

wedding shoes ideas

Cute Little Flats
It is the time for us to get not only comfortable, but also stylish shoes. There are pointy toes, but they are less common. Meanwhile, rounded toes are already out of date. Then, cute little flats can be your good choice. Get your pair of round toed flats now so you will feel comfortable and look stylish as well. Several colors of flat shoes are available. If you prefer going to bridal shoe designers, white flats of wedding shoes can be easily found. But, non-bridal designers also provide you silver flats. Both equally look fabulous on you, especially if you choose a wedding gown with embellished and get crystal jewelry in your wedding.

Red Wedding Shoes
Most of wedding dresses are in white color. Perhaps, you also want to choose white wedding dress as well. To contrast with the white color, you had better choose red shoes. Red shoes for wedding do not work really well with ivory wedding dress. Insisting in wearing red wedding shoes with ivory dress will tend to make your wedding dress look yellow than white.

Kitten Heel Shoes
If you really love delicate footwear, these kinds of shoes will be your best choice. With their thin, low heels, you will feel more comfortable wearing the shoes. To get you look prettier and more feminine, you have to choose kitten heel shoes with strap instead of open back mule style. The best colors need to be suited with your wedding dress color. Some available colors of kitten heel shoes include ivory, classic white, bronze and silver.

bali wedding shoes

This article only list three ideas, but there are actually more ideas out there that wait you to find. After this task is done, there are a lot of lists that you need to prepare as well. Two of the most critical lists are wedding venues and photographer. If you do not decide where, Bali will offer you more than romantic place to get married or throw a wedding reception. Local photographers are readily hired to take your wedding photos. With affordable price, your best memory in your life is never forgotten. Now, let’s decide first your best wedding shoes.

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