Several Types of Wedding Favors Ideas

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Wedding favors are varied, from unique, funny, cute, sweet, romantic and so forth. The point is, the couples give some kind of a reminder of their wedding to the guests. It is something that makes them remember the wedding for a long time. Just by looking or using the favor, someone’s wedding just comes up and all joys and happiness seem back again.

If you are throwing a wedding reception, don’t forget to include these favors. You can choose traditional wedding keepsake like boxed chocolates, candles, serving spoons or candles. However, if we generalize these keepsakes, there are several types of favors for wedding.

personalized wedding favors

Homemade Wedding Favors

If you want to have the most unique wedding keepsakes, it is a lot better to get homemade ones. They will become your gratitude to the guests for attending your wedding party. However, you as happy couples need to make sure that each guest gets a favor in the wedding that reflects their personal style and taste. These can be many things but the most common gifts consist of gift bags or candy tins, chocolates, mints, dove chocolate or candles in various shapes and colors. Make sure you add a personalized touch to the favors like the wedding date and the name of the couples.

bali wedding favors

Edible Wedding Favors

When you have limited budget allowance for your wedding but you do really want to include these favors into the wedding, you may choose edible ones. This cheaper option can be in the forms of special cup cakes, chocolates, assorted biscuits, or fortune cookies. Those edible favors are the most common ones and a lot of people keep choosing edible favors for centuries.

bali wedding favours

Decorative Ornament

Perhaps, you want your guest can use your favors at their homes although it is just a simple favor. Well, it is possible. For the time being, these kinds of favors are more popular than others. You may choose love coasters, letter opener, key chain, picture frame, stuffed animals, colognes and fragrance and so forth.

There are a lot of choices, you just need to dig up more ideas and you will the one that suit to your budget and need.

bali wedding favors

Wedding favor is just one of the preparations for wedding. Your wedding list may include them, but of course, you have to figure out first where you want to get married and get a good photographer at the same time. If you want a different experience, Bali becomes a perfect place to have a wedding ceremony or reception. Local photographers are easily hired as well. Choose one package and don’t forget to include your wedding favors.

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