The Basics of Wedding Planning Checklist

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Wedding planning checklist is essential for a successful wedding ceremony and reception. Why it begins with checklist? It is all because a checklist is where we can write anything that we need in order based on time.

Actually, there is no specific list that applies for all wedding styles. When we use internet to find this list, we commonly get a general template that covers 18 months of frame that applies for a traditional styled-wedding. For those reasons, this article will give you the basics of checklist for wedding that become your guide to create a complete wedding checklist.

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Use Online Sources

Perhaps, the best way to create a perfect and complete checklist is by making on your own. Only then, you can make sure that everything is covered and meets to your particular need. You just need some helps and to create the basic framework, you need a generic checklist.

So, go to online source. A variety of wedding planning checklist is largely available online for free as well as in bridal magazines. Accessing them is easy enough as long as you are connected to internet. You will find numerous checklists and that you have to do is to compare those checklists to find the one that most likely suit to your wedding plan.

A good wedding checklist should include comprehensive lists. Don’t forget to suit with your budget allowance while selecting among those checklists.

Get Started

Prepare your handy calendar and use word processing program to write the list. Now, depending the remaining time before your big day, you can begin to work. If the day is getting near or you can say 18 months, your wedding planning checklist should begin at the present day.

Make sure that your checklist includes all important elements like ceremony, reception, transport, invitations, catering, entertainment, decoration, photography, and so on. Those elements above are must in any wedding checklist. Make sure that the most important element is decided earlier such as ceremony and reception venues. However, photographer is equally important to make sure your wedding is memorable and you have nice photo albums to make a memory.

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Now, you do not yet decide where to get married and throw your wedding reception, why don’t you plan to get married in Bali? Bali has got such beautiful places. Getting married there and having a reception in Bali will be the best event in your life. Besides, there is already a local photographer that will gladly help you to perpetuate your wedding.

It typically comes in a package that already includes the photographer. Even, you can have your pre wedding photo taking in this island too. It is a perfect choice so far, and you had better include this in your wedding planning checklist.

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