Simple Bali Engagement Photo Ideas

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Engagement Photographer

Bali engagement photo ideas are plenty and limitless only if you choose local photographer available in Bali. In terms of budget, hiring a local photographer is a lot cheaper. With a lot of wedding lists you have to prepare, you can save more money but your engagement is still perfect.

Here, we specifically talk about Bali and some ideas for engagement photos. Here are some ideas that you can use to have engagement photo taking in Bali.

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First Dates

You must remember the most memorable part in your relationship. This is where you can start to get some ideas. It will not be difficult. You just need to look back on the best parts in your life with your couple, a moment where you and your couple had the best night or day with good laugh. So far, it was the happiest moment in your relationship. Then, you will remember that day once and for all. It can be used as Bali engagement photo ideas.

That moment can be suited to Bali. For instance, if you had a rainy day on your first date, you can take place in Bali with umbrella during the wet season. Beach like Kuta is a perfect place for photo taking.

A Special Place

You may use a special place for engagement photo taking, as well. It can be anything. A place where you have a picnic with only your couple, sitting under a tree on the sunny day is a good choice. You just need to think about a place where you can emotionally express your love. Bali also has got something like this that can be one of the Bali engagement photo ideas.

Hire a local photographer and you can have an engagement photo shoots in Taman Ujung Karangasem, a kind of old ruined temple located on a peak of a hill. If you like more casual photos without leaving its romanticism, Bali Sunset Beach can be a good option as well.

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Unusual and Beautiful Place

You must have something in mind that can be a place. Bali might become a good destination to have your engagement photo taking. It has countless beautiful and unusual places with completely different culture and atmosphere. Those mentioned above are just few examples. Jimbaran, Ubud and a lot of resorts in Bali are now open for engagement photo taking.

You just need to hire a local photographer there. There are a lot of vendors that you can order online. When you are asked about locations for photo taking, those places will be your Bali engagement photo ideas.

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