How to Select Wedding Venues under Budget Allowance

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Wedding venues need to be prepared at the first time even before you prepare anything else. It should be on the top of your wedding checklist. When your big day is coming closer, you should not wait any longer. Prepare them now and begin searching.

Before you search for it, you must already have something in mind about your dream venue for your wedding. Your country must have a lot of beautiful places, but if you want more memorable wedding, Bali hides countless venues for wedding. In order to get narrower options, these following tips will be helpful.


Budget for Venue

We have a lot of lists to prepare before wedding. All of them cost you amount of money. You had better manage the money first. Once you spare some for hiring a venue, stick to it. Only then, you will know the amount of money you will spend and narrow the options when it comes to selecting wedding venues around you.

Of course, you want a perfect venue in affordable price. Well, it sounds impossible, but if you are willing to have your wedding ceremony or reception in Bali, you will get both at once. You can also discuss with a local photographer there about which wedding venues match your criteria.

uluwatu wedding

Check the Availability

Preparation has to be conducted far before your big day especially when it comes to getting a venue for wedding. It can be easy to get any venues, but for you may already have something in mind. So, it is a lot better to book your wedding venue from six months to a year before your big day. Besides, you have to be sure that your booked venue is just for you. There is no double booking on the date.

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Get the Details

Before you officially book, you have to ensure that the venue accommodates the number of guests you are inviting. Then, find whether the venue provides only in house catering or you can have outside caterers. You need to know the amount of money specifically you have to pay to avoid a nasty shock. The decoration and entertainment should be clarified too so when you wedding date comes, everything is already fixed.

Of all the processes, booking a venue based on your budget allowance is the most critical aspect. It may take a lot of time to select. Talking about this, you may have to turn around from your country and look at Bali. This tropical island gives you more than experience but also beautiful venues for wedding. A lot of wedding packages available with a local photographer included. So, it will be easier to get the best wedding experience.

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