Tips to Select The Wedding Songs

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Photographer

Wedding songs are must-added element in any wedding in the world no matter you are throwing a Christian with religious theme or modern wedding that is more informal. That is why songs and music play a most important role to help you have a special wedding ceremony and wedding reception. It will be only once in your entire life so you had better choose carefully the best songs to make it memorable.

Wedding should become a celebration of honor and love as well as glory to God. Songs make your wedding romantic as well. For modern wedding ceremony, songs create fun experience on the event. If you need some ideas on list of songs to play in your wedding, below are the best playlists and suggestions to select songs for your bridal experience.

balinese dancer for wedding

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding songs is an important part of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, but photographer and videographer are equally important. While playing the songs during the wedding, you can let your photographer take photos for every moment prior, during the process of wedding and after the wedding.

Talking about wedding ceremony, cannot be separated from our tradition and culture. No matter where you are living now, there is sort of similarity on the songs that are played during the wedding. It means, wedding’s music seem to be more standard.

Classic song like “The Wedding March” by Mendelssohn will never be a wrong choice and out-of date. You may vary the songs that make your wedding more personal and cultural or even religious.

bride walking down the aisle

List of Wedding Songs

Songs for wedding can be traditional or contemporary. Before the wedding, you may play Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi or Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. While the bridal ceremony begins and bride is walking down the aisle, you can play Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel or Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner. Some songs are good to play in transitional moments such as The Lord’s Prayer by Ken Davies and Ave Maria by Franz Schubert.

When wedding reception begins, you can customize your preferred songs depending on the wedding theme. Happy Together by The Turtles seems like a good choice, but choose any songs that become your favorite 🙂

You may choose any church that you like, but if you would like to have more than religious wedding, Bali offers you beautiful sceneries. You can find churches in some main cities in Bali like Kuta. Bali also has got the most iconic wedding chapel in the island where you can have your wedding ceremony and reception. Just get a local photographer there and play some wedding songs, you will have a memorable and impressing wedding in your life.

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