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By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Bali pre wedding ? Why not, Bali is not only the heaven of tourists from around the world due to its beautiful tourist destinations, but also a popular place for couples from around the world to have pre wedding photo taking. Hotels, villas, beaches, resorts and the nature of Bali are perfect place for pre wedding. Of all the most popular places in Bali, you have got three pre wedding venues in Bali that you can take into account. Let’s see those places below.

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Taman Ujung Karangasem

Taman Ujung is a kind of old ruined temple. It shows off Bali in the old times consisting of four amazing pillars located in the peak of the location. You will have to go on foot through steep stairs. But, the view from the top is worthy to have pre wedding photoshoot.

It takes around two and a half hours by car to from Kuta or Denpasar. So, you had better leave in the early morning to avoid the hot weather in the afternoon. Once arriving there, you will be given a view of a lot of old temples with man-made lakes around the temples.

Bali Beaches

Do you want to have the trademark of pre wedding photo shoots in Bali? If you do, consider any Bali beaches around Bali. It shows off beautiful sceneries of the sun, sand an beach. Your photo session is a lot more fabulous in casual style.

Photo taking can be done while running, playing by the water, or other informal activities. Get something casual to put on and your Bali pre wedding photos will be nice.

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Bali Museum

If you prefer monumental background in your pre wedding photos, Bali Museum is a perfect place to have. It is a classic Bali traditional building that looks really good in the pictures.

A lot of angles can be taken, showing off its unique architecture. The red spiral stairs become the most attractive spot for photo taking but the rest of the architecture gives equal attraction.

bali museum denpasar
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Pre Wedding Photo Service Tips

Bali hides more than three pre wedding venues. You can choose and explore other locations as you wish. You just need to get a package of pre wedding with a photographer included and you will be taken to several places in Bali. Local photographers in Bali are equally excellent and experienced, so you do not have to bother taking your own photographers with you, that likely costs you more.

Bali pre wedding location and good photographers are the keys to have nice pre wedding photos. Just spend a few moments, you will get your photographer for Bali pre wedding.

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