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By Adi J – D’studio Bali Photography

Bali wedding pictures of your wedding day will become a happy memory recorded in photo albums. Since it will be remembered throughout your life, it is important to get a good photographer that captures every moment of your wedding process from the beginning to the end. The photos then will be documented to give convenience when you want to look at the photos again in the future.

In order that the pictures of your wedding have a perfect look, you will need several things to consider. Remember, you get married in Bali not in your country. You may never hear these tips applied in your country.

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Check the Location before Your Big Day

Let’s assume that you already determine the location where you are going to get married. Well, you may never come to Bali before especially the location. So, before your big day, you had better check the location first with your wedding planner to feel the ambience of the place.

A good photographer usually will come earlier than his starting time on the wedding day, to check the location and to find best spot to take wedding pictures. You may ask for considerations from your photographer for the best spots to take your Bali wedding pictures, feel free to discuss with your photographer.

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Spare Your Time for Photo Session

Either you invite only some people in your wedding or even a lot of guests in your wedding party, you need to balanced between welcoming the guests and taking your wedding photos. There will be a time when you have to stay away from the guests to get the right pictures. Take advantage of the gorgeous scenery around you instead of making it all feel like a chore.

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Get Your Photographer

Even if you know what to do in your wedding and the scenery around you is fabulous, the photos of your wedding will not look gorgeous without a right photographer. Actually, you completely do not have to take your wedding photographer from your country since you can find some best local photographers in Bali.

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You may choose someone that you personally like or professionals that are experienced in taking Bali wedding pictures and documenting them. A right photographer is someone who can capture every moment in your wedding in proper ways. You just need to let him/her do the job and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding day.

While your big day already comes, just be yourself. Sometimes, it is good to act confidently, ignoring the existence of the photographers, let him/her take candid pictures. As long as you already get a right photographer, you can have your memorable Bali wedding pictures.

bali wedding pics
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