Bali Villa Wedding with its Three Affecting Aspects

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photographer

Bali villa wedding is a perfect choice for couples who demand privacy and exclusive wedding party. When you use search engine to find one of the vendors providing villas for wedding reception, you will find a lot of venues in Bali that offer uniqueness and tranquility. All are priced at different rates depending on the available accommodations and the accessibility.

Hopefully this article will help you to find a good vendor with excellent villa for your wedding. There are some points you have to consider.

bali wedding villas
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Budget Allowance

Of course, this is the first thing you have to prepare. Well, getting married at villa in Bali is not cheap. The least expensive one is Bali villas with 1-2 bedrooms and a quite small swimming pool. There is hardly garden up to the villa estates. However, if you have more budget allowance, you may choose a big villa on hectares of land consisting of several swimming pools, buildings, tennis courts and many more.

bali villas wedding

Cost vs. Accommodations

We can divide Bali wedding villa into small and large villas. Small villas are said to be cheap, but large ones are the expensive ones.

Small villas in Bali may cost you around $150 up to $250 per night with 1-2 bedrooms. You can put up a table and flower arch. A priest is already provided to officiate your wedding so you do not have to spend more money for additional costs. However, you can only invite several guests on your wedding party. Small villas only accommodate 2 up to 5 guests. For privacy and affordability, you may choose this option.

Large villas are automatically offering more than small villas. But, for less expensive ones, you are recommended middle-sized villas accommodating 10-20 guests. However, if you have more guests to invite, larger villa is available for you with accommodation range between 40 and 100 guests (or could be more). This kind of villa typically has 4-8 large bedrooms with some buildings.

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Throwing a wedding ceremony and also wedding reception becomes possible. More accommodations include swimming pools and distinct areas that likely become other choices for throwing your reception and ceremony. It may costs you around $1,200 up to $3,000 per night for the villas and provided facilities.

bali wedding reception

Locations and Accessibility

Two other affecting costs are location and accessibility. If the villa location is easily accessed, no matter it is a small villa, it can be more expensive. That also applies for the opposite condition.

Budget allowance and available accommodations are closely related. By considering your personal preference, you can eventually find the best wedding villa in Bali.

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