Most Beautiful and Amazing Bali Pre Wedding Spot

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Pre Weddding Photography

Bali pre wedding locations are countless. If you still do not know what to choose, you will be helped to choose the best Bali pre wedding spot. Many of the locations are unimaginable and picturesque, showing off the uniqueness of Bali Island, its culture and natural sceneries.

This article is trying to show you the locations. You will never think that these spots can be found in Bali. They will be divided into natural and cultural view in Bali. In the end, you have an idea where to go for photo shoots.

royal pita maha

Nature in Bali

Bali has got complete views, mountains are in the northern side, and rice field view in the central area. A lot of beautiful beaches are found around Bali.

Among those places, we have selected several Bali pre wedding locations with amazing natural views. Batur Lake is one of the best locations for photo shoots. It shows off a beautiful volcano and lake view. If you want to get there, a rental boat is available there. The best time to take photos is in the morning to get a clear view of the volcano and the lake.

bali volcano

The second location for Bali pre wedding is Ubud. It shows off rice paddy fields as the background. Even though Ubud is located in remote area, you can find a lot of cafes with rice fields lying behind you. Your photo shoots will be done in the middle of the rice fields. Paddy is planted there. You had better contact your photographers for the background paddy fields that is either planted or harvested fields.

If Kuta Beach is already choose by a lot of couples, why don’t you have your photo shoots at Seminyak Beach? It shows off long stretches of flat sandy beaches, creating gorgeous backdrops for the beach where your silhouettes are reflected on the sand. The perfect time to take photos in this location is in the afternoon, right before sun sets since Seminyak is located on the west coast.

ubud rice fields

Cultural Views in Bali

Bali is rich of culture. A lot of cultural Hindus buildings can be found there. One of the Bali pre wedding locations that show off culture of Bali is Taman Ujung Water Palace. Also know as Taman Ujung Karangasem, this palace is actually an old temple that is completely quiet and surrounded by picturesque landscaped garden. This palace has a lot of great spots for your pre wedding photoshoot. One of them is the spot located at Water Bridge. It seems like a ruined castle.

Taman Ujung Karangasem

Many other locations can be found in Bali that this article cannot include. You just need to choose one of pre wedding photographers based in Bali and they will get you to the most remarkable and amazing Bali pre wedding locations.

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