These are What You Get from Bali Pre Wedding Packages

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Bali pre wedding package is available for happy couples who plan to get married. Bali has got countless beautiful locations and it will be unforgettable moment to have pre wedding photo in this island. Couples from around the world already chose Bali as their favorite destinations and they come to the island with purpose only, perpetuating their memory before getting married.

A lot of professional photographers are available with various prices and packages. This article will try to inform you the packages and photo services that you will obtain from the photographers.

bali pre wedding photography

Pre Wedding Services

In Bali, you can find pre wedding photographers that give various photo services. Generally, each package will be consisting of several services such as particular period of time, photographers, edited photos and the original files on flash drive.

We are going to talk about Bali pre wedding packages one by one at glance. The period of time can be different from one photographer and another. It ranges from three hours up to twelve hours. It depends on your preference. Of course, the longer period you choose, the more money you have to pay.

The photo shoot will be done by at least two photographers. You do not have to worry about their expertise since each photographer joining in a pre wedding photoshoot are professionals. The results will be gorgeous.

foto prewedding

Within the given period, you will be taken to several locations in Bali. Depending on the package and the Bali pre wedding photographer you choose, you may have a chance to choose the locations that become your favorites. Some photographer may take you to four different locations in Bali. All available pre wedding locations are the most beautiful spot in Bali. They can be unique and will never be found in your homeland.

There are tens up to hundreds of photos that will be edited first before being given to you. Each photo will be more beautiful and expresses the happiness in your life. More than that, all photos that have been taken during the photo shoots will be all given to you as original files. Your Bali pre wedding photos can be easily saved and carried back to your country to copy.

engagement pictures

Where to Go for Photo Shoots?

Bali is the heaven of world. Asides Kuta, Jimbaran and other popular places, a lot of other places that offer equally beautiful scenery and uniqueness of Bali are now being found. You have a chance to have photo shoots on these locations.

Bali pre wedding photo shoots are not only done in the beach by riding a horse. To give wow effect to anyone who sees your pre wedding photos, you may have the photo shoots in a rice field with an old classic farmer bicycle. It presents the nature of tropical and village view with breezy and sunny atmosphere. It only can be found in Bali.

horse riding bali
prewedding photo shoot

Otherwise, you also be taken to different locations that still present village and natural view while you are riding on a scooter with your couple. It is quite popular in Bali right now. Many other locations with different views will amuse you from beginning to the end of photo shoots.

All that you have to do now is to contact one of the Bali pre wedding photographer that you can find online. Register, pay the down payment and you just come to Bali to take your pre wedding photos.

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