Bali Elopement – Kelly & Jeff – Beach Wedding

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

It is a rainy season in Bali, when me and my team leave the office the sky already very cloudy. We are heading to La Joya in Balangan Beach – South Bali, to do elopement wedding photoshoot for our client Kelly and Jeff from Canada. We are afraid the rain will start soon and will ruin the wedding and of course the mood of the wedding couple. We finally arrive at La Joya and go to the preparation room to meet the bride and the groom, they are very lovely and humble couple. I also meet the wedding planner, then we all have a discussion about how we will arrange the wedding, because the wedding venue is down at the beach in the open area and the hard rain finally starts falling. Usually hard rain will stop soon and now is the time to do makeup and hairdo for the bride, so we have time to wait for the rain to stop (everyone cross their finger). While we take some wedding detail shots and we can see the worry face of bride and groom about the rain. We all keep saying “don’t worry, it will stop soon”, trying to be optimistic 🙂

Clock is ticking, the time for wedding ceremony has come and god bless us the hard rain stops, it still raining but only small rain. We have to start the wedding ceremony before we lose the light and high tide comes, says the wedding planner. Bride and grooms ask us (local photographers) if we are ok with this weather, we say to them “let’s do this, we are ready whenever you are”, because we already prepare ourself with camera raincoat 🙂

wedding photo collage

Bride walking down the aisle

bride walking down the aisle

The wedding ceremony starts, the raindrops keep falling on my head 🙂 the couple look happy and doesn’t care about the rain at all, so do we (photographers). Wedding runs smooth till the end of the wedding ceremony and the raindrops still there. It is a nice experience for us (bali photographer) also for the wedding couple. We rarely see wedding couple willing to go ahead for wedding ceremony with the rains on their head, most of them will have plan B and move the wedding indoor to avoid the rain. This rainy elopement wedding is an unforgotten moment for the wedding couple and us 🙂

wedding photo collage

After the wedding ceremony, we continue to take post wedding photo on the beach. We take walking on the beach photos, candid photography of them dancing in the rain and kissing in the rain. The newly wed couple look so relax and enjoying every moment of this intimate weddings 🙂

raindrops keep falling on my head
dancing in the rain

Congratulations for your wedding Kelly & Jeff, wish all the best for you 🙂

newly wedded couple
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