3 Best Places in Bali to Take Pre Wedding Photos

By Adi J – Bali Prewedding Photography

Bali is not only famous as place to have vacation, but also to take picture for any purposes, not to mention for pre wedding photos. Today, people around the world have already known that some spots can be their witness in which they want to enter a new life with their couple.

However, among many beautiful places for bali pre wedding photo, you shouldn’t forget to put these following places as the lists that you have to consider. Indeed, it must be difficult for you and your loved one to choose the best one. It is due to the fact that pre wedding photos should be memorable.

So, you need to relax and take a deep breath in order that you will be able to make correct decision. Here are 3 recommended Bali pre wedding photo locations.

Mangrove Forest Bali

1) Mangrove Forest Bali

Your pre wedding will be totally different when you pick this spot. Mangrove Forest Bali is wonderful. It has been usual to see pre wedding photo on the invitation in which the setting is bali sunset beach. Now, you will be so proud of having pre-wedding photo shoot with mangrove forest as the setting.

This place has long bridge made of wood. It is the bridge that you have to access in order to get the middle of the forest. It would be better if the photo is taken from the top. Try to hire the best bali prewedding photographer so you will get the best result.

Tukad Unda Bali

2) Tukad Unda – Klungkung Dam

Can you imagine how you feel when you and your beloved one are just in front of the waterfall? Recently, couple is coming to this place for pre wedding photoshoot. They think that this place is very unique. Waterfall can be usual place for vacation. But it is extraordinary if it is used as setting of memorable photo like pre wedding.

sunset bali photos

3) Sunset Beach – Tegal Wangi Beach

This beach is not a tourism objects in Bali, Tegal Wangi beach is less popular. However, it is very popular among those who want to get married. They know that this beach offers the best view for their pre wedding photo.

You can make the sunset beach as the background. Actually, the name Tegal Wangi comes from the temple just next to the beach. This temple is located on the cliff, local people usually visit this temple during balinese ceremony day.

So, which one do you prefer? All those places are great for pre wedding photoshoot. Make sure that you hire the best bali photographer who is able to explore the beautiful view of those places in Bali.

Have a nice day always 🙂

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