Bali Wedding Reception – Wedding Dinner

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Photography

Wedding Dinner
Wedding Reception

Talking about Bali wedding can be really exciting, because for many people, having a dream wedding in Bali is once in a lifetime to do list. The wedding preparation itself can be complicated, but with the help of professional Bali wedding planner, everything will be easier that you can sit back and relax. They (the good one) will help you to arrange everything you need for your wedding day, even the small things and details, starts from wedding preparation, wedding decoration, wedding ceremony, until wedding reception.

The wedding day started with the bride and groom preparation (remember not to lose your wedding rings), then continues with the wedding ceremony itself as the most important event on the day. After the blessing, bride and groom will have family pictures and then followed by photo shoot around the wedding venue (like: beach, garden, cliff, etc) accompanied by bridesmaid and groomsmen. The guests will be escorted to the cocktail area to enjoy the day with other guests.

When the sun is set, the bali wedding reception begins, the guests will be announced to be seated while the bride and groom prepare to have their grand entrance. Here comes the bride and groom walking in with their favorite song in the background, with the applause from beloved family and friends. Now the party starts, everyone have a dinner, enjoy beers (no great story ever started with a water), hanging out and make new friends. For bride and groom, their job is not done yet, they still have to do the cake cutting, wedding toast, first dance, also the bouquet toss 🙂

During the wedding reception, i like to take candid photography of people laughing, chatting, dancing, being silly, and all natural looking moments. Sometimes we see the surprise effects like: fireworks or lantern release, that we can make more creative photography with that special effects, it will make the wedding pictures looks more alive and creative 🙂

Don’t forget to contact us if you need wedding day photography services, we have a full wedding day coverage wedding photo and wedding video services that can cover from wedding preparation, wedding ceremony, wedding photo tour and finally wedding reception.

Have a nice day always 🙂

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