How to Choose the Right Wedding Hairstyles for You

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

Wedding hairstyles do not have to be complicated. The most important thing is you choose the one that makes you really be yourself. Although it sounds simple, it needs preparation to get a perfect look on your big day. Since getting the best hairstyle is equally important to choosing the best wedding dress, you have got several things to pay attention. There are several factors when it comes to choosing a style especially those with longer hair. These tips will help you to design your wedding updos.

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Consider Shape of Your Face

Hairstyle is primarily affected by the shape of your face. It is all because certain hairstyles look their best in certain shape of face to create an appealing appearance. If you skip it, you will fail to show your best look on your big day. It is not disaster, but you surely regret after your wedding.

If you happen to have a round face, for instance, you had better choose a hairstyle that creates a slenderizing illusion, feel free to discuss with your wedding hairdresser about what hairstyles is the best for you.

What Headpiece to Wear?

After you already find out your face shape, you can begin to think about what headpiece or veil that you are going to wear on your wedding. Wedding hairstyles do consider this headpiece. After determining the headpiece, you can begin to search for the best hairstyle.

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Browse on Internet, Look through Magazines

You just need a lot of choices of hairstyles. In the modern time, this can be a lot simpler and quicker. You simply get some magazines and look through wedding hairstyles. If you are lack of ideas, you can browse on internet. You will get numerous choices from those two sources. To get narrower options, you have to take a look at hairstyles from models that have the same face shape as yours. Hairstyles that look appealing should be under the lists.

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Visit a Salon and Get Recommendations

Get a list of hairstyles that you get from internet and magazines. But, before you decide the best hairstyle for your wedding, do some experiments in a salon. You may have to take your friend with you to give you opinions and recommendations, as well. This will help you to determine your best choice.

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Hairstyle is one of the important things to prepare before the big day. Wedding venue and photographer needs to take into consideration, as well. And if you do not yet to decide, why do not you get married in Bali? Local photographers there will help you to record the most important event in your life. Get a vendor to organize your wedding and hire a local photographer. Your wedding will be perfect and of course, due to your chosen wedding hairstyle.

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