Candid Photography Hints for Bali Pre Wedding and Wedding Pictures

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Photography

Bali candid photography is now available for couples who plan to throw pre wedding photo shoots or wedding in Bali. Different from formal photography, it takes photos of your prewedding and wedding depending on situations. The photos are mostly captured in motion without creating a posed appearance. It even becomes natural and wonderful.

If you do not yet to have your wedding reception, Bali has a lot of places to choose. Below are some tips to have Bali wedding and get a candid photography package.

candid photography

Pre Wedding and Wedding Candid Bali Photographers

Bali never fails to show off its beauty and uniqueness in culture and nature. A lot of tourists from around the world want again and again to visit Bali for pleasure. It is often that some of them even plan to have pre wedding photo taking in Bali due to its beautiful sceneries.


Get a local photographer in Bali and you will be taken to several best Bali pre wedding locations. Depending on your preference, you may have your candid pre wedding photo taking in Bali beaches. Bali beaches can be the most popular place to have Bali candid photography for pre wedding, but many other places that is equally beautiful. Contact your photographer to discuss about pre wedding photo locations.

For wedding ceremony and reception, you just need to get a local photographer to take pictures of your wedding ceremony and reception. You can choose either informal wedding ceremony or religious one that is held in church of Bali. Bali candid photography gives you memorable moment and your photos will tell you more.


Get Candid Photography Package

When it comes to hiring a local photographer for your candid wedding photos, you may think your budget allowance in the first place. Fortunately, a lot of vendors of photography in Bali offers you very affordable price. Vendors already have their own photographers so it cuts corners a lot than bringing your own from your country.

All packages are created to meet your requirement with tax inclusions and without hidden charges. You had better take a look at the detail package for this. Each package for candid wedding or pre wedding photos typically includes durations, original and edited photos.

candid photography

Of course, photographer is only one of the important aspects to prepare before your wedding ceremony in Bali. Prepare them as well and you can choose your preferred Bali candid photography.

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