Sunset Bali Wedding at Hotel Tugu Bali – Canggu

By Adi J – D’studio Bali Wedding Photography

It is a sunny day at Canggu beach, i have a wedding day photoshoot session to attend at Tugu Bali Hotel in Canggu. Tugu Bali is a beach side hotel with old antiques interior that you can’t find in any other hotel in Bali. This hotel is really unique, i mean the old antiques stuff inside is mostly originally old (you can feel it).

I already do a lot of bali wedding photoshoot at Tugu Bali hotel, so as a good bali photographer i usually come one hour earlier than the starting time. Then starting to prepare my photo gear while enjoying cold drink served by friendly hotel staff, cold drink is the best friend during this hot bali weather. Continued with meeting bride and groom, then taking some wedding detail shots like wedding ring, flower petals, wedding decoration, and some photos of bride and groom getting ready.

bali wedding pictures

Wedding ceremony is about to start, all guests already at the wedding venue waiting for the bride walking down the aisle with her father and the groom is waiting “here comes the bride”, and then the wedding ceremony started.

The wedding ceremony started with welcome speech from the priest, everyone is listening (i guess), especially the nervous bride and groom. It is good that the weather is sunny, so i can get this beautiful beach wedding photo. The sky and the sun make a good combination in the wedding pictures while the wedding ceremony continues with the wedding vow exchange between bride and groom.

Followed by wedding ring exchange, the blessing from the priest for our newly wedded couple and then finally the wedding kiss. Family and friends stand in two lines, getting ready for flower shower when mr and mrs exit the wedding ceremony area.

Usually bride and groom will just walk out, but this time there is something different, they use a scooter going around and around the wedding venue, it looks so exciting and fun. The happy face from bride and groom and all the guests is priceless, and this is the kind of wedding photos that i like, a candid photography shots 🙂

Sunset time is coming and now is the time for post wedding photo session, we go to the beach just next to the wedding venue. We take many photos until nearly the time for wedding reception about to start, so we decide to finish it. Bride and groom going to their room for relax a bit while waiting the wedding reception to start.

The live band playing bride’s and groom’s favourite song, wedding reception officially starts with the grand entrance of bride and groom entering wedding reception area. Then continued with the welcome speech, wedding toast, wedding cake cutting and wedding dinner. Our photo session almost finish, but night still young, we still take candid photos of people chatting, laughing, drinking, hugging, we see a lot of happy faces that day (and that is how the wedding should be). Fireworks make the sky burning and it looks good in the photos against the night sky. For the last picture on that day, bride and groom request their guests to have a big group photo with them, that group photo ends our photo service that day.

Congratulations for your bali wedding “Jess & Henry” Wish all the best for you 🙂

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